Kingspan TruckMaster Portable DEF Storage Tank 53 Gallon Capacity

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Kingspan TruckMaster Portable DEF Storage Tank 53 Gallon Capacity

  • Noncorrosive and spill-proof poly tank design is extremely durable and protects the quality of DEF
  • Lightweight, safe and tough companion for pick-up trucks and trailers
  • Hassle-free, self-priming pump and fully-fitted unit requires no installation
  • Built to international safety standards — withstands the toughest environments, being dropped, UV light, and physical impact while remaining intact and leakproof
  • Lockable lid fully covers all of the equipment, with no hoses or other parts hanging out that could be damaged and also avoiding dust/dirt contamination to the DEF (even traces of dirt could seriously harm the engine SCR system)
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Kingspan TruckMaster Portable DEF Storage Tank 53 Gallon Capacity Model# 9539-KP-0070166

Product Summary

This Kingspan TruckMaster® Portable DEF Storage Tank is designed for the safe transportation, storage and dispensing of DEF. Take the DEF off road, into fields or directly to construction or industrial sites to fill your machines. The noncorrosive poly container with premium-quality, self-priming 12V pump system provides the ultimate way to easily refill while protecting your assets from contaminated DEF. 53-gallon capacity tank. Includes 19ft.8in. electric cable with alligator clamps, 12ft.2in. flexible EPDM delivery hose, auto nozzle, pressure relief vent, lockable lid with integrated lock, gas strut lid support, stainless steel fittings, forklift pockets, integrated lifting eyes and offset fill point.

Key Specs
Item# 89082
Brand Kingspan
Manufacturer’s Warranty 5 year limited warranty
Ship Weight 72.0 lbs
Self-Priming Yes
Volts 12
Nozzle Type Automatic
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 24 x 32 x 25


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