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Bessey F Style 12in Welding Clamp w HD Morpad Clamp Pressure 7770lb

Bessey F Style 12in Welding Clamp w HD Morpad Clamp Pressure 7770lb

  • Unique BESSEY MorPad tilts to 35°
  • Sliding arm is made of tempered, drop-forged steel
  • Clamp rail and fixed jaw are created from a single piece of BESSEY cold drawn steel
  • After bending and forming of the fixed jaw the rails are heat treated for maximum strength
  • Specially hardened spindle resists weld spatter

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Bessey F Style 12in Welding Clamp w HD Morpad Clamp Pressure 7770lb Model# 7200S-12

Product Summary

The 7200 series extra heavy duty clamps are exclusive /unique to BESSEY. No other clamp manufacturer in the world makes a sliding arm clamp like these. The BESSEY 7200 series are the biggest, heftiest sliding arm clamps ever made. The 7200 series are designed so that a person can create up to 7770 lbs of clamping force by hand. To make repetitive tasks easier with these heavy clamps BESSEY has integrated a wedge that can be used to lock the sliding arm in one spot along the clamp rail. Like the others in our high performance line, the 7200 series features the new improved MorPad for smoother, more efficient clamping. These clamps are made in Germany, in BESSEY’s own factory from steel that comes from Bessey’s own steel mill. BESSEY is the only clamp manufacturer with quality control from raw material to finished product. BESSEY created the first sliding arm clamp and to this day remains the category leader in both quality and design. BESSEY. Simply better.

Key Specs
Item# 4318382
Brand Bessey
Manufacturer’s Warranty Lifetime Limited warranty
Ship Weight 23.1 lbs
Clamp Pressure 7,770 lb
Opening Size 12 in
Pieces (qty.) 1
Material Alloy Steel
Length 14 in
Throat Depth 8 in
Product Weight 23.1000 lb
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 18.75 x 13.75 x 2.78 in


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