ESAB Rogue ET 200IP PRO TIG Welder 115 230 Volts 200 Amp Output

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ESAB Rogue ET 200IP PRO TIG Welder 115 230 Volts 200 Amp Output

  • Advanced TIG controls for full cycle control to match every application you need
  • Pulse feature up to 500 Hz for perfect control of heat input
  • PFC ensures a stable arc, resistant to power fluctuations even while working on long extension cables up to 100m (328ft.)
  • Optional remote current adjustment from: TIG torch, foot pedal, hand remote control
  • Excellent high-frequency TIG start ensures no failures on ignition with superior arc characteristics for smooth and stable performance
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ESAB Rogue ET 200IP PRO TIG Welder 115 230 Volts 200 Amp Output Model# 0700500073

Product Summary

This ESAB® Rogue™ ET 200IP PRO TIG Welder is a powerful and easy-to-handle high-frequency start TIG machine that’s perfect for entry level welders. It’s a robust machine packed into very compact housing. The lightweight design, ergonomic handle, carry strap and long extension cables offer exceptional portability that makes the Rogue ET an ideal solution for field applications. Performs with exceptional arc characteristics, both in TIG and Stick mode. A broad number of advanced parameters can be adjusted in TIG mode including: gas pre-flow, start current, ramp-up time, ramp-down time, finish current and post flow. Additionally this unit has a pulsing feature with frequency up to 500 Hz for better heat input control. Includes 2- or 4-stroke mode. In Stick welding setup, the user can adjust Hot Start or Arc Force to match the operator’s best welding preferences or application. Simple and intuitive user interface makes all adjustments quick and easy.

Key Specs
Manufacturer’s Warranty3 year limited warranty
Ship Weight21.2 lbs
Duty CycleSMAW: 200A at 25%; GTAW: 200A at 25%; SMAW: 129A at 60%; GTAW: 129A at 60%; SMAW: 100A at 100%
Range Selection10–200
Electrode Cable Length13
Clamp Cable Length10
Regulator and Gas Hose IncludedYes
Shielding Gas RequiredYes
Power Cord (ft.)10
Product Weight21.2 lb


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